Ronan Halpin Sculpture

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Commision a sculpture for your garden.

To commission a sculpture a few things need to be considered; design, scale, material, location and of course budget. Sometimes all of these items can already be decided and at other times it may be a blank canvas. Whether you are completely specific in your ideas or uncertain of how to even start the process, Ronan can assist. With drawings, photographs or site visits the conversation can be initiated and the journey begun to a new, unique and beautiful sculpture for your garden.

To the garden…

Ronan takes his design inspiration from the landscape that surrounds him here in this corner of the Wild Atlantic Way – on the western edge of the Irish coast. Living and working, as he does, with the rugged west coast landscape and vertiginous cliff formations surrounding him, he can’t help but want to reflect this in his work.

Bronze and stainless steel
Corten steel & Bronze
Bronze & Stainless steel
Cú Na Gaoithe
Steel & Bronze
Corten steel & marble
King's Horse
Corten, Stainless steel & bronze
Stainless steel
Corten steel
Song Boat
Bronze. 75cm wide.

The work itself combines character and power, balancing the mythological and the vernacular in a series of arresting counterpoints. A look at  Ronan’s work over the last three decades shows a consistent throughline of sensibilities; recurring motifs of wondrous boats and real or imagined beasts, kings, folk lore, water and perilous flight of bird or plane.

The Irish Arts Review, Spring 2017.

“He stands in his leather apron, blackened by flying metal filings. His hands are huge inside his protective gloves. His dark goggles give him the eyes of a giant fly. He does not speak because his mouth and nose are covered with a breathing mask and his ears are sealed with headphones. Behind him, the door is open onto the Atlantic, but he hears nothing. He is surrounded by the extreme silence of his work and his solitude, the internal silence underneath the violent screaming of steel.”   

Extract from ‘The Forge’ by Hugo Hamilton. 2012